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strategic investment

The Larkinized approach is simple: Larkinized has the ability to invest a combination of proprietary capital, and/or debt or equity.

The nature of our business model provides us with a distinct advantage: liberated from managing external investors such as Hedge Funds and/or answering to consultants, we are able to focus solely on identifying the best investments, allocating sufficient time and resources to conduct thorough due diligence, and responding nimbly to opportunities.

website / app design.

Best of the best website and application design with a focus on providing end to end functionality and services.  Want to stand out and above the competition then we have the solutions for you and your business

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Apart from sourcing companies, projects and/or investment opportunities in the website design, private cloud and hosting, technology solutions, private equity, venture capital, either undervalued by the market, or lacking in development capital, we are also flexible in considering and assessing other companies around the globe subject to meeting our due diligence requirements in respect of other investments opportunities.

Concentration where and when required, combined with diversification where and when required and a deep and exhaustive knowledge of the companies and sectors or markets in which we invest, mitigates our risk and necessitates a highly innovative portfolio.

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