ARRL on itunes-amateur radio news has never been easier to keep up with!

The ARRL Audio News is once again available through iTunes, beginning today.
Keeping up with the everchangin and exciting world of amateur radio has become as convienient as aquick listen when you have time!  Now downloadable in the iTunes library you can take it with you and listen, fast-forward and rewind.  No longer will you be the last to know what’s going on in amateur radio.
You can find the URL for the Audio News’ RSS feed here.  To download and subscribe to the Audio News at iTunes, log into your iTunes account and go to the “Advanced” pull-down menu.   Click on “Subscribe to Podcast,”  insert in the dialogue box and click “OK.” You are now subscribed to the ARRL new podcast! If you had previously subscribed to the ARRL Audio News via iTunes, you should not have to re-do these steps; episodes should appear in your podcast folder once you sync your device. FOr those of us that like pictures(wink wink) there is a step-by-step photo instruction set available on the website. Just click here and you will be on your way!

ARRL and iTunes… Keeping us informed about amateur radio and don’t forget to join the ARRL!