IFR am/fm-1200 – Service communications monitor

IFR FM/AM-1200 Communications Monitor
This is the monitor I have used at a radio shop I used to work. We used it to align/fix all the city and county police car radios. Mainly Motorola trunking XTR mobiles and handhelds.  I now own one of these devices but am in the process of fixing/restoring  it back to fully fuctional status.  See the fixing the ifr am/fm-1200 page.  With the battery option I can take this outside and use it to listen to satellites since the sensitivity is so high! The battery will also make it possible for me to work on the remote solar powered data links that are now so prevelant in the middle of nowhere. More great uses for the ifr am/fm-1200 service communications monitor.

More about the device….
The Aeroflex/IFR FM/AM 1200 is a microprocessor controlled, digitally synthesized communication service monitor, which integrates the functions of several different test instruments into a single, compact and portable unit that can be powered on AC, DC or battery.  The FM/AM 1200 used in a wide range of communication test functions associated with most types of simplex and duplex transceivers equipment, including cell phone systems, AM/FM/SSB transceivers, CB satellite  and two-way radio systems along with two-way radio repeaters.

FM signal generator
AM signal generator
RF Frequency Range: 250kHz to 1GHz
2µV receiver for AM, FM and SSB
RF frequency error meter with 1 Hz resolution
Audio frequency error meter with 0.1 Hz resolution
Deviation/modulation meter
Duplex generator
RF wattmeter – fully protected generator output to 150 watts
Relative signal strength meter
SINAD/distortion meter
Audio function generator with DCS (Digital Coded Squelch) encode and decode
1 kHz audio generator
Spectrum analyzer