Italian amateur radio repeaters impact satellite operations by disregarding the IARU bandplan

Italian amateur radio repeaters disregard IARU bandplan

In Italy, FM and D-Star repeaters are being licensed in the 2m IARU Amateur Satellite segment 145.8-146.0MHz causing considerable interference to Amateur Radio Satellites and the International Space Station.

It would appear that the Italian regulator permits repeaters anywhere within 2m on a provisional basis for 60 days. Authorisation may become permanent if no complaints are received. It would appear it is up to Amateurs worldwide to make sure the Italian regulator is made aware of any problems.

Repeaters in 145.8-146.0MHz cause interference to both satellite transponders and to the important satellite control uplinks.

Communications via Amateur Radio satellites are possible using as little as 300mW to a quarter wave whip as demonstrated by EB4DKA on SO-50 – uplink frequency 145.850MHz, see

In fact, contacts using as little as 50mW FM have been achieved via the Amateur Satellites. Any repeater operation in the satellite segment, no matter how low power, will block the transponders and critical satellite command and control systems.

Some of the Italian repeaters operating in the 2m Amateur Satellite allocation are:

FM repeater IR0CK 145.850MHz

D-Star Repeater IR3UEF 145.800MHz
(the International Space Station frequency)

D-Star Repeater IR0CD 145.975MHz

Readers concerned about the blatent disregard of IARU bandplans are invited to make the Italian regulator aware of the international interference that repeaters operating in 145.8-146.0MHz cause. Email should be sent to:

ISS Fan Club – Downlink Intruders in Italy

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