Programming the IC-V8000 from the Mic

ic-v8000 icom microphoneSix Steps for Programming your IC-V8000 (from the microphone)

1. You MUST be in the VFO mode to begin programming your radio. If it is in memory mode (black icon with M shown in the display), put your radio in VFO mode by pressing and releasing the “VFO/Lock button.

2. Set the frequency you want to use by pressing and releasing the “T-OFF/ENT/C” button, enter the desired 6 digit frequency via the keypad.

3. To set your offset or duplex (dup), press the proper button on the microphone (DUP-, DUP+ or SIMP). The radio will display + or – for duplex or nothing for simplex.
Note: If you have selected a simplex frequency or a repeater frequency that does not require a sub audible tone to access, please proceed to Step #6.

4. If the repeater requires a sub audible tone, set the tone in the SET mode. Press and release the “SET” button to enter the set mode. Press and release the “SET” button until “rt” appears in the lower right comer. Using the tuning knob or up/down arrows, scroll to the correct tone the repeater requires. Press and release the “CLR” button to exit the set mode.

5. Even though you have told the radio what tone to use in step 4, you still have to turn on the tone. Press and release the “FUNC” button then the “TONE” (keypad #7) button and the radio will display a musical note. (Note that the keypad has 3 different keys with the word “tone”…use only the one marked with a #7 in this step, otherwise it will not work. This was discoverd after much trial and error after this article was written and will save you a lot of frustration!)

6. Now that you have the frequency, offset and tone (if required) selected, you are now ready to save your settings in a memory channel.
6a. Push FUNC, then MW (Memory Write). The memory channel indicator and memory channel will flash (“M” and the channel number) at the bottom of the display.
Use the up/down keys on the microphone to select the desired memory channel. An open channel shows blank on the display. Note: Choosing a pre-programmed channel (frequency shows in the display) will cause you to overwrite that channel with the new memory channel information.

6b. Push FUNC, then push and hold MW for 1-2 seconds. You will hear a single tone followed by 2 fast tones (if your volume is turned up), indicating the memory has been programmed.

6c. If you have no further memory channels to create, Push MR/CALL to operate in memory mode. To continue creating memory channels, return to step 2 of Entering Frequency, Offset, and Tone.

Almost all of the control buttons on the radio control multiple functions. The radio differentiates the desired function by the duration of the button push.

On the front panel, if you touch the button briefly, the function indicated in black will be executed. If you hold the button down for 1 second or more the function indicated in green will be executed.

On the microphone, the FUNC button selects the orange functions for momentary action, but some operations still require holding down the button for 1 second or more, such as writing a frequency to a memory channel using CLR A(MW) as Icom writes it.

Storing Frequencies
Generally, to store whatever you are looking at on the display, press MW once to put the radio into “get ready to store” mode, then select where you want to store it, then hold down the MW button for 1 second or more to stuff it in.

Operating Modes
Initial Set
The radio has two sets of operating parameters: Initial Set and Set modes.

‘Initial Set’ mode allows seldom-changed settings to be edited. It is accessed by holding down the SET button while powering up the radio. The mic buttons are not recognized in Initial Set mode, only the buttons on the radio are recognized.

‘Set’ mode is accessed anytime by pushing the ‘SET’ button on the radio or the mic keypad. Both modes are the usual arrangement where you step through the settings and change what you want.

icom IC-v8000 programing from the microphone