Ham radio help requested for KySat-1 launch

KYSAT1-kysat1 cube satAmateur Radio satellite KySat-1, due to be launched February 23!!!

As you may know, KySat-1 along with CubeSats from Montana State University and University of Colorado, will be launched into orbit from Vandenburg AFB on February 23 at 0809 UTC. As with all satellite missions, for us, verifying operation and establishing communication early is critical to mission success.

I would also like to invite amateur radio operators to help them establish contact with KySat-1. Information about the beacons, the mission, and the status of the mission can be found at the following link:

KySat-1 is the first satellite developed by Kentucky and its outreach capabilities will inspire K-12 students to purse Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

KySat-1 Beacon 436.790 MHz
FM modulated pseudo-CW beacon every five minutes.
The frequency of the audio signal is 400 Hz @ 32 wpm
FM modulated AX.25 encoded digital beacon every 2.5 minutes.

It carries a digital camera and has a high bandwidth S-band downlink.

KySat-1 on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/KySpace

KySat-1 on the IARU Satellite Frequency Coordination pages can be found here