GOP to sell 420-440 mhz band that is currently used by Amateur Radio

The selling of part of the Amateur Radio spectrum (HR 607) is a surprise to a lot of people, historically both parties have been good about protecting the Amateur Radio Service.   The return has always been greater than the frequencies that had to be set aside and the creation a little bit of licensing/complaint infrastructure at the FCC) Ham’s for the most part, regulate themselves. The portion of the radio spectrum tentatively for sale is very useful in what HAMs do best: emergency communication via digital and voice methods. Why the sudden urge to diminish our nation’s emergency response capabilities by taking away a very common and widely used part HAM bands spectrum? It just doesn’t make sense in terms of the public interest and the income from selling the bands will not balance the budget for Obama. 

I have nothing against making anyone money but this band is one that I personally enjoy on a daily basis and feel that it should not be auctioned. We should be looking at thing that do not impact licensed amateur radio operators from assisting the general public and emergency services in times of need!

Learn more about HR 607 here and please get active if your not already by writing a letter to your Representative.
Fight HR607 with your pen and the ARRL will help, follow the link below!
ARRL-Write your represenative about HR607