Indiana: Airport seeks developer for solar energy farm

The world needs more forward thinkers such as these people, looking for solar power opportunites in the most wonderful and logical places. For example, I love flying into Denver Colorado and seeing the solar power farm they have there!  Airports have vast amounts of open land, although I have heard from piloots that Solar farms can produce reflections of the sun much the same as lakes or ponds and having these near runways might pose a threat. What are your thoughts on solar power at airports? Or solar power farms in general? Enjoy the article below on Solar power at an airport in Indiana.

INDIANAPOLIS — Officials at Indiana’s largest airport want to tap into the sun’s rays with a solar farm that would be capable of lighting up to 6,000 homes.

The Indianapolis International Airport is looking for a developer to erect thousands of electricity-generating solar panels on 30 acres of land near the end of a runway. The 10 megawatts of electricity they would generate every hour would be sold to Indianapolis Power & Light.

Airport officials tell The Indianapolis Star the solar farm would send a highly visible message of public support for renewable energy.

The airport would lease the property to a company that would build and operate the solar arrays. Other airports, including Denver and Fresno, Calif., have money-making solar farms near runways on property not suitable for other development.