Key to Obama’s clean energy goals already in Alabama

Obama has no idea what is going on in Alabama or with the monopoly Southern Company has been handed by the federal government…. That being said, Alabama has some great renewable energy projects and some of them are very old ones!

From the article…

Talk in Washington about getting more of the nation’s electricity from clean, renewable sources used to bring a collective sneer from Alabama politicians because the state is neither sunny nor breezy enough to contribute much to the wind and solar power equation.

But when President Barack Obama said he wanted to broaden the definition of what is clean to include hydropower and nuclear, the sneer disappeared.

“That was a step in the right direction,” Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., said after Obama announced the new policy in his State of the Union speech.

Hydropower, especially, is big in Alabama, and Obama’s declaration could make it even bigger.

Alabama already is one of the most hydropowered states east of the Rocky Mountains, a natural outgrowth of having so many rivers moving so much water to the Gulf of Mexico. So as Obama sets an ambitious goal to have 80 percent of the nation’s electricity generated by something other than burning fossil fuels that dirty the air, the people who harness water to make power — a concept that is more than a century old — soon could be on the forefront of a renaissance, of sorts.

“We’re delighted that the focus now is where we felt it should have been for a long time,” said Jim Crew, manager of hydro services for Southern Company Generation, which includes dams operated by Alabama Power Co.

The National Hydropower Association says the industry is poised to double its contribution to the nation’s power grid, mostly by upgrading existing plants on existing dams. Hydropower provides about 7 percent of the country’s power, and it accounts for two-thirds of the power generated from renewable sources.

On the day of Obama’s speech, the White House confirmed that his goal of 80 percent clean energy would include hydropower, a recognition that different regions of the country need to be able to use different types of power to help meet the goal. In written details of Obama’s policy, the White House said that 40 percent of the nation’s power now comes from clean energy sources, and doubling that by 2035 requires giving “utilities the flexibility to generate clean energy wherever makes the most sense, all clean sources — including renewables, nuclear power, efficient natural gas, and coal with carbon capture and sequestration.”

Guess it is all good then… Green energy as defined by Obama and Southern Company…
Sidenote: I have never received good service from Alabama Power they are the main reason I seek alternative power sources for me and my family. To be honest, Alabama Power has proven time and time again that they are behind the times grid-wise and have a consumer confidence level that drops each year (read the studies not funded by them). Southern Company(alabama power) has profits in mind before people, ALWAYS. I saw this first hand with Hurricane Ivan when working with their “teams” of people restoring power. Recovery based on last months income generation for each line. Use more and they help you, use less and….well, if you have them youknow where this goes cause you have been there.