Urban Green Energy-Sanya, the street light with a vertical-axis wind turbine

Urban green energy-sanya off-grid wind turbine run street light
Urban green energy-Eddy-gt vertical axis wind turbine on top of a Sanya in an off-grid installation.

Those people at Urban green energy have again delighted me with a unique product. The Sanya, A street light with a vertical-axis wind turbine built into the top. Talk about redefining the light pole. The Sanya streetlamp uses Urban green energy’s vertical-axis wind turbines, with customers usually picking our trademark eddy vertical axis wind turbine. eddy is the leading name for small wind power, unsurpassable in terms of reliability, efficiency, and durability. The beautiful Sanya pole includes a section that can be customized and provides a great marketing tool for our customers. From painted company logos to perforated metal sheets, numerous options are available to choose from.

 Specifications for the Sanya from Urban green energyUrban green energy Sanya street light with a eddy-gt wind turbine

  • Wind Turbine eddy
  • Rated Output 600 W
  • Rated Windspeed: 12 m/s
  • Number of Panels 1
  • Rated Panel Output 150 W
  • Dimensions 1182 x 990 mm
  • Post and LED Bulb
  • Materials Steel
  • Finish Powder Coated
  • Height 10 m
  • LED Wattage 77 W
  • Number of LEDs 1
  • Height from Ground 8m
  • Lumens 6930 LED DC Voltage 24 V