Expect more earthquakes as the supermoon arrives on March 19th

supermoon risingOn March 19, Earth’s satellite (the moon) will be at its closest point to our planet in 18 years making it a supermoon with it a mere 356,577 kilometers away. The event, called a lunar perigee, was dubbed a “supermoon” by astrologer Richard Nolle back in the 1970s. The term is used to describe a new or full moon at 90% or more of its closest orbit to Earth. Next week, it will be at 100%, aka. a supermoon. We have all seen the part in the movie “Bruce Almighty” where he drags the moon closer to the earth. In the movie, there is great impact around the world. The supermoon is not as dramatic and has been building up for the last 9 years since being at the other end of the spectrum thus we would not see the movie like results, however, objects attract each other and the moon being closer to us make the tides larger.
Nasa has interesting data on this supermoon theory due to the incredible work done during the Apollo missions.

There is on the moon seismic activity connected with a lunar perigee, these were detected by seismological instruments left on the moon by the Apollo astronauts. There was an effect, but it wasn’t enormous. But the moon did quake near perigee.-nasa

Our closest neighbor, the moon