JARL helping in Earthquake stricken region

Japan's Tokyo Tower bent in the eathquake
Japan's Tokyo Tower bent in the eathquake (right image is just the top magnified)

An earthquake, the worst in 140 years, has hit Japan. It created a large tsunami as the 8.9 magnitude  earthquake occurred.  Strong aftershock have been reported in all regions affected by the quake and some of them have been measured at very distant locations, suggesting that the activity below the earth’s crust is still very high.  The initial death toll is in the thousands as rescue efforts have begun in almost all of the prefects affected.

From the JARL (Japan amateur radio league) building headquarters, the newly appointed secretary Ken Yamamoto, JA1CJP, reports that the building shook quite strongly, but no serious damage was caused.

JARL also reports that in northeastern Taiheiyou earthquake region amateur radio traffic by  JA7RL / 7 RL and other stations is being used for coordination and informational updates.  For those in need or wanting to try to listen, you should mainly watch 7.030MHz SSB communications.  They are being conducted by priority at this time.

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