More smoke at Fukushima plant forces workers to evacuate

Overnight, more grey radioactive smoke was spotted over a reactor, confirming the fear that the disaster is far from over.  The Fukushima few had to pull out of the Fukushima plant.  This is a major setback for TEPCO as well as the Japanese people.  As the plumes of radioactive material grow larger, the impact to the world intensifies.  The new radioactive clouds are expected to show higher radiation levels that previously measured the earlier clouds.

The alarming setback brought efforts to restore electricity to the plant and restart cooling pumps to a standstill.

The smoke came from the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant’s Unit 3 reactor, but officials said they did not think it was linked to overheating fuel rods

The disheartening turn of events came after officials had reported making headway over the weekend in restoring electricity to two of the six reactors.

Despite signs of progress, officials continued to warn that the situation was not fully stabilized. On Sunday, they reported an unexpected surge in pressure in the reactor core at Unit 3 and contemplated venting radioactive steam.