Why people in the US panic and go buy radiation treatment drugs before doing research

Potassium iodide pill for radiation exposure from radiation cloudsIn the United States right now there is a run on potassium iodide. Why potassium iodide you ask? Well the answer should not surprise you at all. It happens every time the weatherman says there might be a storm. As a society we go out and get milk and bread or whatever you call a necessity. Potassium iodide is the new milk to many. As a society we have been taught to panic, media sells their news to you using panic. We have been taught to react to before we know what we’re reacting too. Today’s panic is the radiation coming from Japan. Potassium iodide is not going to save you, but, in the same respect, the radiation cloud is not going to kill you in the USA.

As funny as this is going to sound, this takes me back to my childhood. A story that I was told over and over again by my mother and father, ‘The boy who cried wolf’.

As the story goes…A boy got bored watching sheep, and wanted excitement. So he called “Wolf!” The villagers came running, got mad at the boy because it was a prank, and left. The next day the boy did the same thing. The villagers got really mad at the boy, because it was a trick. The next day, a wolf came and attacked the sheep. The boy cried, “Wolf!” but the villagers didn’t believe him, and no one came to help. The wolf gobbled up all the sheep

So now we watched radioactive clouds approached the west coast of the united states. And we know that these radioactive clouds are not enough to cause long-term health risk. Yet, for our entire lives we have been taught that radiation is bad and that we need to run from radiation or seek shelter from it. Potassium iodide is tangible; you can hold it in your hand. This gives you a sense of comfort and a feeling of being prepared. And for some, that security blanket is enough. We see reminders in old buildings of the nuclear era and fallout shelters signs that tell us that those buildings are safe if we are attacked.

So what does one do know when the government is telling you it is fine. CNN is telling you there is no radioactive plume, nuclear agencies say otherwise. We are left to decipher what we hear and therefore we go for the worst case scenario in our minds and potassium iodide sounds good.
I call it the “media knee-jerk” effect. They report something, we mistranslate and a new market is created and disbelief then runs rampant. An effect entirely created by our media’s inability and sometimes unwillingness to decipher anything before going “live”. Their willingness to shift to the scariest story first with nothing other than ratings on the mind of the producers.
Now the scene is set for our “media knee-jerk”.
To the store we go buying what we needed to solve this problem.
“ wolf “ has been yelled one too many times by the media.

Potassium iodide used for radiation treatmentNo longer do we are operated as one united states, on the contrary we operate as groups, right or left, I believe or I don’t believe, Jewish, Catholic, atheist, Muslim or your own god …. We are no longer operating on a consolidated front anywhere. What happened to the United States of America and you being the US citizen.
Go and buy your potassium iodide, let me know how it works out for you. Maybe you should be less selfish and send your money to Japan instead.
My 2 cents…

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  1. Does anyone know if Japan has enough of this medicine? Think we can convince the people that bought the stuff in the USA to donate it to Japan?

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