What do I do to help Japan? The World?

Turn off your lights, Reduce power consumption, Learn where your power comes from and START using Solar power and Wind power in your everyday lives!

I am serious as the things going on in Japan and the rest of the world. The things going on throughout the world again remind us that we can no longer fend for ourselves. We have been taught that if you sit on the couch and forget to cook your kids dinner, McDonalds has a pile of calories in unhealthy food for you to ‘surprise’ your kids with. What happened to growing our own food, using wind power to bring water up from wells (you would appreciate that shower a lot more) and now with technology we can be spoiled and yet self sufficient in more ways than you think.

Solar power and wind power have been a part of my life since a kid. When I was young, my father, added on to our house. He did some interesting things that, looking back, were very forward thinking and power concious. The room was built with a venting system that took the hot air from the ceiling and forced it through cavities below the floor, thus heating it. He also put a hot tub in the room. For that he chose solar power. I was lucky enough to see the entire installation and see how the various green energy technologies were put to use even though I will be the first to admit that it took me many years to understand why the extra effort was worth it.  I also realised he did it for me, well, future generations.
Thank you dad!

 Anyway, nice story but  What does this mean to me?

Where are the reactors in the United States of America?
USA Nuclear Reactor Map(See the whole list of  USA Nuclear Reactors )

Question: Why did you show me the map?
Answer: Because if you live in the USA and so much as have bought something at a store, YOU  have caused, in part, the need for the nuclear reactors in this picture. There are a LOT of them.

Working in the dark yet? Lights off?  kidding, well kind of. How do we make a change? Companies like Urban Green Enegy are making a difference with simple and yet fantastic things like their vertical axis wind turbines and their ‘Sanya’ streetlight.  The technology is all around us and it is really just a matter of finding it and getting it going.  Learn to be more self sufficient.  The technologies cost money, I agree and the time for change is always when the economy is down.  It takes money to make money and it takes money to save money over time.  So, DIY or do it yourself…. More to come on that but I feel better writing this, and yes, this was writen in the dark. Hopefully that explains the spelling errors.

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  1. Some very valid points but society has no incentive to change. Obama and his golden parachutes for people with no jobs. Green energy as well as self reliance are possible only when people are not lazy but technology has made people in the USA and world lazier in many respects. So, can a lazy person who is getting paid for losing their job (not having a job) and doesn’t have to learn self reliance admit defeat and go back to the basics?
    I don’t think so

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