BARC and Jeffco ARES in Alabama before and after the tornados

Pleasant Grove Alabama Tornado 2011-Devastation for milesI was impressed by the immense turnout on the BARC(146.88 tone88.5) repeater in Birmingham Alabama as the storms approached. Storm spotters reporting in, various other ham radio operators reporting conditions. The unity and control of the net was obvious. I listen more than I talk and enjoyed being a fly on the wall. This disaster is one that I personally will never forget for many reasons.

The main reason I will not forget this disaster is because of the voices on the radio that I heard throughout the disaster helping people they may never meet or see. Communicating across great distances where other forms of communication failed us. I especially noted N4HUB and WX4RON, two well trained and caring people that have great experience in the radio community. Though no one would wish this kind of devastation on anyone the two individuals were ready for the challenge of the tornados and the chaos that ensued. These two coordinated a large network of volunteer radio operators across the state in the recovery and support operations. There hard work justifies this hobby for all of us. They exemplify what all of us should do with this great hobby. All of us need to be prepared for a disaster and the preparedness of BARC, Jeffco ARES, Many unnamed ham radio operators not only saved life’s but helped many agencies including the EMA and the Red Cross. Well done N4HUB and WX4RON! Your leadership during this disaster was unparalleled. I am sure I am not the only one to say this but, Thank you for everything you guys do!

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  1. Just a quick note that I appreciated all the assistance as I am a Red Cross ERV driver that was here in town helping out. It was a help to be able to get information and when I arrived and while I was out and about doing feeding.

    1. Hearing about all of the Alabama amateur radio operators assistance to the Jefferson County EMA and the Red Cross was truly eye opening and wonderful to see and be a part of. I have not been through a disaster like this one where I met so many people so deeply involved. Thank you for all that you have been doing in the Emergency Recovery Vehicle’s (ERV’s) at/for the Red Cross! The people of Alabama appreciate all of the hard work and long hours you all put in! God bless you!
      p.s. Your the ERV with the mag mount and the Icom V8000, right?

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