Obama’s teachings: You get points in poll for touting about ordering a hit

My son is now a wannabe killer (not really, but it took a long chat after your speech) thanks to you Obama.  Your unrivaled ability to turn ordering the killing of a murderer into a mantra. “If someone kills someone we can kill them” my son say’s. Thank you Mr President for declaring that although the bible says that it is a sin to kill, as an American, as our president, if they kill one of us we can kill them.  I know you don’t worship the bible and you have won here… you have made it a brilliant conversation piece and it got you poll points.  People like that you ordered a hit in another country… we flew in loyal and patriotic americans to kill another human because it was a ‘priority’.

I comfort my son and tell him that it is not ok to kill another human.

You work for us Mr Obama.  You are our leader. Did I miss the vote on choosing to kill this guy and not have a trial?

I digress,  My son got hit by another boy today and hit that person back. I asked “why did you hit him back?”
he said He was ‘defending himself’

If someone strikes us we strike back. Of course… that is how it works.

To change the subject, does this correlate at all to the gangs or livelyhood of everyone. If someone gets killed in rural america people are mad and may take care of that person… in downtown colorado a similar situation might be a friend killed and they retalitate and kill the person they think did it… maybe they get someone else by mistake and now are targets themselfs.
How does one as a leader say ” I killed that guy who killed those people”

You go Mr Obama, my killer, my president

You lost my vote here…
But thanks again for the extra time with my son explaining why it is a bad thing to kill someone even if they killed someone you know….

I imagine you going to bed tonight thinking….   “I killed Osama Bin Laden even though it was a sin and in doing so taught a world that I will kill you if I think it is a priority”
sweet dreams

oh and to those that question… I don’t like Osama bin laden but like everyone he deserved a trial, I have yet to see the evidence other than what the media has fed me.