Pleasant Grove Alabama-Morning after the tornados

Pleasant Grove tornado damage- unimaginableThe morning after the tornado’s I was uneasy. Uncomfortable and ready for something but I did not know what. With a generator, gas, quad band HT, 2m mobile and other ready for action tools for an affected area I decided I needed to mobilize. I already knew that the Homewood fire dept was actively helping and saving life’s after monitoring their radios and now I needed to get out too.
I called Homewood dispatch and they gave me a pleasant grove number. I called and it was busy. Many tries later I received a calm lady who game me a second number which I called. I now had a mission to get help to people in pleasant grove.
I drove my daughters to school and was listening to the W4CUE repeater in Birmingham and heard the ARES support net in action. It was all normal traffic on the repeater until they needed to contact Pleasant Grove fire department. Doesn’t happen often but I had information that could help, I was already in contact with them and heading to Pleasant Grove shortly.
I answered the call on the amateur radio and established a station at the Pleasant grove fire department as they requested. Hours passed as did the many messages to the Fire Chief of the Pleasant Grove fire department.
During this time I had taken many trips into the devastated portions of the neighborhood. Here are some of the pictures I was able to take.


Pleasant Grove tornado-First responders looking for survivors