updated: Wind Power in Kansas

Wind turbine farm-Kansas along I-70Of all the random things you take for granted is the size of the wind turbines that are along I-70 in Kansas. Not only the size of the turbines but the quantity of the wind turbines is also very impressive. Wind power is an amazing thing to harness with modern wind turbine technology however, wind is still just as inconsistent as it has always been. The wind turbines that are along the highway must be powering thousands upon thousands of homes industry and such. The fact that we, as a society, are able to harness this make everyone happy. The wind turbines in Kansas gave me hope and made me want to learn more about how many of these farms exist in that great state.
Good work Kansas and thank you for showing us how a wind power farm can exist above a working farm!

Update: This is the Smoky hills wind farm. (previously unknown)
The Smoky Hills wind farm is the largest wind farm in Kansas and more than 100 landowners are participanting in the project. Including the land used for roads, turbine foundations and maintenance buildings, less than two percent of the 20,000 acres covered by the wind farm will be removed from agricultural service.

The first two phases of the Smoky Hill Wind Farm have been completed and at peak production the wind farm can generate 250 MW of electricity. The electricity is produced by 140,000 pound Vestas V80 1.8-megawatt wind turbines.

The energy wind farm is grid tied to five local utilities: Sunflower Electric Power Corporation, Midwest Energy, the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, the City of Independence, Missouri and the City of Springfield, Missouri. Again, my hats off to this renewable resource and the people and landowners that are using their land.