Elenin – Fun facts about Elenin


Comet Elenin is passing near of earth again around Septempber 27th 2011 which we are told by Nasa is not a big deal.  I agree, right, it is just a comet however we have some fun Elenin facts that might just get you wondering how much we really know about our universe. 

Elenin and all these earthquakes?

Comet Elenin - September 2011The last three alignments between Sun, Elenin and Earth all happened on the same days as major earthquakes struck Chile, ChristChurch and Tohoku.

February 27,2010 there was alightment Elenin-Earth-Sun (7.5°) and Elenin was 7.03 AU from Sun. It was the day that 8.8 magnitude earthquake hits Chile.

September 4, 2010 there was alightment Elenion-Sun-Earth (~180°) and Elenin was 5.25 AU from Sun. It was the day that 7.0 magnitude earthquake hits ChristChurch, New Zealand.

March 11, 2011 there was alightment Elenin-Earth-Sun (6.4°) and Elenin was 3.14 AU from Sun. It was the day of Great Tohoku earthquake, magnitude 9.1 in Japan.

During the next two alignments in September and November 2011, Elenin will be much closer to the Sun! Moreover, the Earth-Sun-Elenin angle will be smaller.

Discovery of Comet Elenin

Leonid Elenin (Lyubertsy, Russia) discovered this comet on four images obtained during the period of 2010 December 10.42-10.46 using the 45-cm astrograph and a CCD camera at the International Scientific Optical Network’s robotic observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico. The magnitude was given as 19.5-19.6. The first confirmation came from A. Sergeyev and A. Novichonok(Majdanak Observatory, Uzbekistan), when they obtained four images during December 10.99-11.00 using the 1.5-m reflector and a CCD camera. The magnitude was given as 19.1 and the comet was described as a “teardrop-shaped, very diffuse coma.” This coma was 6 arc seconds across and exhibited a nuclear condensation of magnitude 20.7, while a tail extended 10-12 arc seconds toward PA 298 degrees.