Extended C class solar flare observed today

c class solar flare with a max of 1.7 for an extended period of timeA c class solar flare with a max of 1.7 was seen today in an extended form rather than the usual solar burst. For the last one and a half hours (still going at time of writing) a c-class solar flare has been continuing to spew great amounts of radiation into the solar system. Although not enough to cause much disruption on earth, the activity on the sun continues to increase daily.
GOES data on a extended c-class solar flare

2 thoughts on “Extended C class solar flare observed today”

  1. The Earth Is A Pizza And The Sun Is A Microwave. Even Though The Surface Is Bombarded The Cheese Is Still The Last Thing To Melt. These X-Rays Are Heating The Planet From The Inside Out. Just As They Recently Discovered That X-Rays Cause The Atmosphere To “Puff Up” So Too Do They Cause An Expansion Of The Magma Underneath Our Feet. What’s The Worst Part Of Cookie Pizza In The Microwave (besides the rubbery crust), The Mess. The Marinara Sauce Bubbles All Over The Place, Just Like Magma Does When Exposed To X-Rays.

  2. Most scientists argue that the flare never touches the Earth and that the charged particles are generally deflected by the magnetosphere. But the X-rays and the shockwave from the flare have the potential to magnetically knock the core around from the inside AND heat the magma under our feet causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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