Solar Flares impacting radio communications today

SXI image- M-class solar flare -constant c-class solar flareThe sun has been very active the last few days and for at least the last 24 hours we have not been below a C-class solar flare. To state it differently, the sun has been emitting more energy than usual and in a constantly stronger manner. During this long period c-class solar flare we have also seen multiple m-class solar flares and one x-class solar flare.
So what do all these solar flares mean?
That answer is an intersting one since the sun is not consistent in what it ejects from its surface. We do know that NOAA issued a warning with possible affects to HF radio communication and to navigation. I have heard a great deal of interference on VHF and HF most of the day.   According the the satellite data I am seeing the impact is more far reaching than what I have pasted below from NOAA.

HF Radio: HF radio communication blackout on most of the sunlit side of Earth for one to two hours. HF radio contact lost during this time.
Navigation: Outages of low-frequency navigation signals cause increased error in positioning for one to two hours. Minor disruptions of satellite navigation possible on the sunlit side of Earth.
From NOAA alert level explaination

Again you ask “So what do all these solar flares mean?”
If the scientists know right now what is going on, they are not sharing but I will share with you my two cents on what I think is occuring. The earth is like a microwave with the sun being our power source. The sun usually keeps us warm at a steady rate during the year, very predictable, but now we are seeing a higher power on the microwave (our sun) and the earth is heating up from the inside out or expanding due to this heat. With expansion we will see more earthquakes and more volcano’s erupt. This would explain the increased number of earthquakes that we are seeing daily but does not explain the really big earthquakes as this is more a global rumbling that is more balanced than that of a large quake which is usually localized and has localized aftershocks. For more on a possible explaination to the large earthquakes see my post on Elenin and due to the fun time of year it is… also see supermoons.

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