Urban Green Energy – Custom wind turbine solutions

Urban Green Energy - Build your own wind turbine At Urban Green Energy’s website one can find the “Build your own wind turbine” tool where you really can design your own setup.  Grid tie vs battery backup,  tower size,  color of the turbine, etc.  Who knew that one company could bring it all together in a simple yet effective starting block for the consumer wind turbine market.Although the tool lacks some hard numbers for power generation capability as well as costs, a little research will reveals that the market has taken a turn in the consumers favor and costs are dropping.

Battery Back-Up

A battery back-up system will lower the amount of energy you purchase from the grid and provide energy security by storing excess energy in batteries.


Choose the grid-tie option to interconnect with the grid and sell excess energy back to your utility company.

Urban Green Energy wind turbine choices:

  • eddy Ideal for customers looking to lessen their impact on the environment or attain energy security, eddy epitomizes simplicity and convenience, including a controller capable of interfacing with solar panels.

  • eddyGT eddy’s older brother, eddyGT allows you to sell energy into your electric grid and has the capacity to offset a significant portion of your energy use.

  • UGE-4K Whether you are looking for high returns on your investment or energy independence, the powerful yet elegant UGE-4K is the way to go.