GudCraft 700 Watt 12 volt Wind Generator with 3 blades

Gudcraft 700 watt wind turbine - Buy Now
The GudCraft 700 watt wind turbine is a great starting point for a do it yourself alternative energy project.  This also would be great for an RV,  mobile home or a small off-grid house or cabin.  Get on the green energy bandwagon!  Anyone can be in using renewable energy with this complete wind turbine package.  500W niminal and 700W max wind generator is directly driven by rotor blades without other powered equipment. The high efficiency wind turbine is settled behind rotor blades, which can help to radiate heat. The whole wind turbine system consists of a generator body (including rotor blades), yaw shaft, tower, inverter control system, energy storage system (battery for off-grid system, state grid for on-grid system). Buy this wind generator now

  • 700 Watt 12 Volt system uses wind to generate power and run your appliances/electronics
  • Wind turbines include generator, 3 blades, tail, screws/bolts.
  • Constructed from lightweight, weatherproof cast aluminum
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Latest 2011 design with 3 new blades

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GudCraft WG700 12-Volt 3-Blade 700 Watt Wind Generator -the charge controller
GudCraft WG700 12-Volt 3-Blade 700 Watt Wind Generator - the charge controller