Our Sun: M-Class solar flare today!

Our sun just unleashed a large solar flare!  This solar flare was an M-Class in the solar flare measurement scale.  The solar flare occured at approx 12:53 UTC and lasted for only a few minutes in duration but did have a CME (corronal mass ejection) associated with it.  The CME is being tracked and I will update this post with more information and pictures as I get them.

 Graph showing the M-Class solar flare as it occured

GOES 15 X-Ray Events 1-8A
Cur 21/1305 C8.7 Ratio 0.102
Int 6.3e-03 J m-2

And for fun… NASA image that is mysteriously missing this m-class flare…

NASA image of M-class solare flare today-oddly missing the solar flare