Our Sun: M-class solar flare after a long C-class solar flare

Halloween M-class solar flareSunspot 1330 continues to wow us as it moves further and further away from its earth facing position.  Today we have seen the last four hours of c-class solar flare levels with a few spikes in the data (see graph to the right).  The sun then unleashed a 1.1 m-class solar flare which I do not think came from sunspot 1330, rather it came from a new spot over the north-east limb of the sun.  Possibly a new sunspot that we will be needing to keep an eye on. Furthermore, the CME from this solar flare should be heading away from us and should not brush by the earth as previously thought.  M-class flares are medium-sized and had it been earth bound could have caused brief radio blackouts that would have affected the Earth’s polar regions. Minor radiation storms have also been known to follow an M-class flare.