Your Guilty and I sentence you to death

Thanks Mr. Obama for that piece of knowledge that I now need to digest and explain to my kids. 

“Yes, Our president killed a US citizen because we thought he was bad….”
“no, he did not have a trial”
“no, he was not innocent until proven guilty, he was killed by a pilotless airplace that our president authorized. no, no their is nothing you or I can do about it.  Somehow, our president has decided that he can kill at will without regard for formal law. Pretty cool if your into that “absolute power” thing but scary if you are a US citizen and you get on the wrong list and travel abroad. 
What is to say your not the next target….
To Error is human, to recognize it is devine  
What are you teaching us Mr. Obama… Your wife is shopping at Target and your playing video games killing people half a world away.  People that we have been “told” are bad.


Go figure why this president is losing people’s trust… he is not acting with our interests in mind, rather he is acting is a rogue like manner bypassing the very laws that make this world a better place. 

My president, my killer, my heart yearns for a president that supports life and law. 
Can you change for the remainder of your term? 
I would vote for you if you showed you had a heart and a soul…. but killing a US citizen without a trial is showing 300+ million people that US citizens can be killed without a trial by your authorization.

This is just not right on so many levels.

I would love your comments on this as I am conficted… I do not like the guy that Obama killed but I do not accept a guilty until proven innocent killing because they could………………………………

maybe your next,  they don’t have to prove your guilty… what evidence have you seen about this guy except what media has passed along… 
I am confused…
Do we have laws against killing people or not?
and who said an Eye for an Eye was a good thing? I though that was used to teach kids to not seek revenge