N1274A Motorola Power Amplifier

Motorola  N1274A RF Power AmplifierMy new N1274a RF Motorola power amplifier is an old school solid-state broadband power amplifier capable of delivering 40-50 watts of rf power into a 50 ohm antenna when you drive it with 4-5 watts.  I will be using this on the  2 meter ham band (144-148mhz)but this rf amplifer has a range of 136-150.7 mhz.  This rf power amplifier contains an rf sensing circuit which detects the presence of rf power at the input and switches that signal to the power amplifier for amplification.  As far as I can tell the total drain in standby or receive mode is 3 milliamperes.

My use for this is more than three fold.  I now have a battery powerable, low drive power with a decent output of 40-50 watts for use in a car to make a HT act like a mobile. Secondly, I have an amplifier that can be  used in an emergency or on satellites (1 watt in = 10watts out).  Thirdly I have a quick way  to go that extra distance on 2 meter without a huge power requirement.

Overall, the N1274a fits a perfect need for this amateur radio station and I look forward to the many uses of this great amplifier.