Time Magazine May 12 1986 Meltdown Chernobyl Reactor

This book explains everything about nuclear meltdowns and nuclear power plant explosions.

In the first chapter we explain how meltdowns and explosions occur. In the second chapter we discuss the details of Three Mile Island. In the third chapter we discuss the details of the infamous explosion of Chernobyl. The final chapter discusses technology and processes which can be put in place to prevent meltdowns and explosions. The Appendix has suggested guides related to the safe design and operation of nuclear power plants.

Table of Contents

A. The Science of Meltdowns and Explosions
1. Meltdowns and Explosions: Overview
2. Melting Points
3. Possible Results of a Meltdown
4. Explosion by Excessive Chain Reaction
5. Explosion by Hydrogen gas
6. Size of Potential Explosions in Nuclear Power Plant

B. Three Mile Island
1. Three Mile Island: Overview
2. Three Mile Island: Details of Events

C. Chernobyl
1. Chernobyl: Overview
2. Chernobyl: Details of Events
3. Design flaws in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

D. Making Nuclear Power Plants Safer
1. Introduction
2. Design and Construction of Nuclear Power Plants
3. Control Room
4. Training of Operators
5. Regulations and Inspections
6. Maintenance
7. Communication and Emergency Planning
8. Defense in Depth
9. Nuclear Safety Standards

1. American Nuclear Society Standards
2. NRC Regulation Guides