Google has lost my business-No Privacy

Google is watching you right nowGoogle’s new plan to keep closer tabs on people isn’t just another exasperating affront to online privacy. As the Supreme Court said last week, this type of business decision also affects our constitutional rights.
Yes YOUR Constitutional rights!

Google says it will start monitoring what people say and do across multiple Google products, including Gmail (yes, what you say in your emails is there for them to read too), search, calendar, YouTube and a slew of other products. By compiling this personal data, the Internet giant intends to offer more tailored ads and better services, such as using geolocation data from your phone to warn when you might be late for a meeting. They also plan to SELL this information. This information will also be available to our government if they request it. So, what does this mean for you? If you have not read the constitution, probably nothing, but for those of us that do read and care. Anything you put into google’s hands in any of their many companies is going to be read, analyzed, sorted and filed. Your private emails, your youtube videos, what you watch, who your friends are, even who you are in a fight with. Maybe they will then come out with a “hug and shake hands” automatic email system to remind us that we are friends on their other services.

Just because you cannot see the people looking at your data, or you think “well I am not impoortant enough to look at” does not mean it is not going on. Google already watches you and puts ads on various sites that are tailored to you… Already with us much of the day, do we really want people combining our data and deciding what kind of a person we are by it. We are becoming an algorythimic society controlled by thye computers that watch our every move. Google’s next move will be offering goverments “pre-crime” data from all this combined information. Predicting our next moves based on huge databases of our information.

I for one am removing as many google services from all my websites as I can.   I suggest you read the policy and think of how it affects you, the control is places over you in the background, and the fact that the data will be in their databases forever.  
Use other Search engines!
Use other products to do the same things as I am. 

GOOGLE does not care about your privacy.
Read the policy and act now
Link to policy at google