HQRP 30W Flexible Solar Panel Power 30 Watt 12V Mono-crystalline PV Module w/ 4 Stainless Grommets for RV Boat Yacht plus HQRP UV Chain / UV Radiation Health Tester

HQRP 30 Watt (30W) Flexible Solar Electric Power Panel. Being reliable in service and compact this unite is right for using it outdoors and during travel. Durability of the panels gives you a good opportunity to produce unlimited quantity of energy and charge batteries and accumulators for your cars, boats, snow mobile, golf-cart etc. The maximum bend angle of of this flexible panel is 30%. The panel has 4 stainless grommets in the corners for easy installation. HQRP UV Chain / UV Radiation Tester: To know the Solar UV Index, it is enough to compare the colorchange with the 4 standard colors around. Very light purple: low intensity, UV index 1-2. Sun-protection not necessary. Light purple: medium intensity, UV index 3-5. Sun-protection is recommended. Purple: strong intensity, UV index 6-7. Sun-protection is necessary. Dark purple: very strong intensity, UV index 8-11. This tester shows you the level of UV radiation and helps you protect your eyes and skin from negative sunlight effect, but this meter doesn’t show sunlight intensity for solar panels.