Death Obsessed Society at Fault in Colorado?

It does not matter if you are playing angry birds or most any other video game these days, the goal is usually to destroy, conquer, make disappear or otherwise. Obama regularly signs off on drone killings half a world away and says that those killings are justified. How would you feel if your road was blown up because someone was a terrorist. Video game like killings are now a reality and our president “touts” the capability all the time.  Yet we let our kids play the same video games killing the same people, just more in a “simulator” capacity. The fine line between a game and reality is now gone. Our president does not admit his faults, rather he points out other faults and says they are worse.  The movies we watch are brutally violent with outrageous plots. The news has proven that you can do a good deed and it will go UN-noticed but if you “go out in a blaze of glory” you will have your 15 minutes of fame and maybe a movie deal. That may be taking it to an extreme but…

This is another example of the “Drone Gun War” that Obama has accelerated INTO the United States teaching our youth and society that death is good.  We fly drones over other people property and blowup property and people while we sit at a computer in some safe place.

Obama opened a door with his admitted assassinations going on around the world. Our world needs a lot of things but it is not the US’s responsibility to go fix it and fill the need until we can fill the needs of our own country. The United States is suffering from a lot of technological changes that are slowly making us less and less aware of the the person standing next to us. In the movie “Wally” the people are all riding around the spaceship in futuristic hove-round chairs as big fat slobs drinking super-sized food and unaware of their surroundings due to the technological distractions. The ship occupants go through a “revelation” of an experience to realize that they have become something totally different from their ancesstors. It is time for action, our ancestors built this country on the freedoms that make our choices possible.  We need to make better choices as a society, not more laws to guard against the rotten apple in the harvest.

Perhaps the more fundamental question that needs to be asked as to why America keeps experiencing mass shootings. We need to understand to what extent our technological culture and entertainment industry is contributing to the general malaise and unfeeling psychosis that seems to have gripped the younger generations?

Why were there so few mass shootings just two decades ago compared to now? Has the number and availability of guns increased substantially? No. Is the sewer pipe we call Hollywood and the entertainment industry pumping out sicker, more nihilistic and more violence-strewn films than ever before? Yes.

Recent Batman films, among others, have contained unnerving amounts of violence that serve little purpose other than to appease a bloodthirsty craving for gore and brutality amongst young people. Our youth are inundated by this violence from a very young age through movies, entertainment, video games and popular music.   As a parent I know that I have to watch what my child sees at every moment of the day and teach them what is right from what is wrong.  Most every time they do something or say something they should not have, it came from a TV show or a movie.  This is the sad truth of what sells I guess and lends to how the media will twist this tragedy from societal issues that haunt the United States of America and into a “Blame the guns” story.