Stop a Massacre, Arm your Grandpa!

In the aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado Batman movie theater shooting one again asks… How do we stop a massacre?

The answer is revealed in this stunning short video shown below. This remarkable solution:

• Requires no police.
• Costs the taxpayers no money.
• Requires no up-front paperwork.
• Protects innocent lives.
• Is deployed in as little as FIVE seconds.
• Works everywhere.
• Deters violent crime.
• Makes bad guys flee immediately.
• Is easy to learn.
• Functions at the local level.
• Does not require control or intervention by the United Nations or any government entity.

Get your concealed carry permit where you live and show the criminals that our 2nd amendment rights are more important than ever.

“Never trust a government that doesn’t trust its own citizens with guns.” – Benjamin Franklin