Welcome to Nazi Florida -“Show your papers or be arrested”

The US constitution protects us as citizens from being arrested for no reason. Now correct me if I am wrong but this is a perfect example of the police not informing the citizen of the “suspected” crime and instead infringing on many rights as this well educated and well informed citizen repeatedly asked for due process. Interestingly enough, so did the camera person…again, repeatedly. They citizens never give the impression they were going to flee, they simply wanted their rights as US citizens to remain intact.

It is a sad day in these United States when we have to worry about our local law enforcement not following the laws this wonderful country was founded on. It is also ironic how a peaceful confrontation can be escalated like the old nazi movies where those who had papers lived and those that did not, well they died.

Who am I to judge this video but if his crime was jaywalking and then asking the police what he did, this punishment and the way these cops acted does not fit the crime. That is my 2 cents, please watch and comment…