Savonius Model Wind Turbine Plus

PicoTurbine’s Savonius Model Wind Turbine Plus kit is a fully function miniature vertical windmill. At wind speeds of 12 mph it produces approximately 3.0V/50mA. The frame is built from high quality craft wood and coated with premium enamel to help protect it from the elements. The kit comes with 4 ceramic grade-five magnets and 4 (220)-turn copper coils. This hobbyist’s kit walks users through every aspect of capturing and converting wind power into electricity.

Users learn how to make S-foil wind blades that can (unlike horizontal wind blades) capture energy from any wind direction. They build step by step an alternator that will use magnetic induction to produce electrical current. The rotor distance is adjustable to the coil array, allowing users to witness magnetic strength principles. The wind turbine produces alternating current that can be displayed when connected to the bi-color LED. This special LED emits alternating red and green light when voltage switches from positive to negative.

Accompanied with this windmill kit is a build it yourself rectifier. With step by step instructions students learn how to convert electricity from AC to DC using the following circuit possibilities: half wave rectifier, smoothing capacitors, full wave rectifier, and voltage doubler rectifier. The kit uses a safe solderless breadboard allowing for penalty free mistakes and countless customizable circuits.

This product is ideal for science fair projects, classroom demonstrations, and at home teaching. PicoTurbine sells additional coils and magnets upon request, making the kit highly customizable. While this kit can be built and operated by children 10 and up, it teaches scientific principles that may require higher education. This product was designed to work along side high school to undergraduate science classes studying alternative energy, magnetic induction, alternating current, aerodynamic principles, and current rectification.