Ensupra Grid Tie Inverter 500W, 1 Year Full Warranty, Power from Solar Panel, Wind Generator, Hydro or Storage Battery; 10.8VDC-28VDC to 110VAC

Ensupra grid tie power inverter can obtain the wind and solar energy from wind turbine or solar panel, and can tie to the grid through its output cable with no extra equipment.
The installation is Do-It-Your Self (DIY).
When the sun shines, the PV panel will produces DC voltage, and the grid tie inverter will change the DC voltage to AC voltage and puts out power to the home grid, saving electricity.

1, Connect the Solar Panel or Wind Turbine s DC supply cables to the DC input terminal of the inverter, be sure that the polarity is correct.

Recommended DC input cable size for maximum output is 12AWG or cables that can handle more than 15A. Optimal length would be less than 8m, longer cables will experience higher voltage drop. The range of output power of Solar Panel or Wind Turbine is 50W~550W.

2, Connect the supplied AC power cord to the inverter and plug it to a home wall socket.

3, The green LED indicators will glow when the grid and DC supply is detected. This indicates the inverter is operating under normal condition. The red LED will be on, the inverter will not put out power, this is called Island Protection.

Please follow local regulatory electrical codes for installation. If in doubt, consult appropriate licensed contractor.

Electrical Specifications:
Maximum AC Output Power: 500W

AC Output Voltage Range: 120V ±10%

AC Output Frequency Range: 60±3Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD): <5%

Power Factor: 0.96+

DC Input Voltage Range: 10.8-28Vdc

Peak Inverter Efficiency : 90%

Standby Power consumption: <0.5W

Output Current Waveform: Pure Sine-wave

Over Current Protection: Yes

Over Temperature Protection: Yes

Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes

Island Protection: Yes

Stackable : Yes