Ecoplay 800 Watt Solar Powered Portable Generator

The Eco Play is the smallest of our portable generators. It can handle many smaller electrical loads with its 800 watt inverter.

Perfect for field research, remote work sites, home or office back-up power, the Eco Play is the best little power house on the market.

Easily moved to wherever you need power, this system can make camping a breeze by powering your fans, radios, or electrical devices. Charge your power tools, cell phones, and other devices quickly and easily with the Eco Play.

Run up to six smaller household and other appliances with free energy from the Sun. The Eco Play is perfect for the person on the go who needs to bring power with them.

Included : 1 – Ten Watt Solar PV Panel , 1 – 800 watt modified sine wave inverter.

Not Included: 50 AMP AGM Battery. In order to bring shipping cost down for our customers we do not include the 50 amp hour battery. Batteries can be purchased locally from any auto or hardware store.** Or through staab battery **. If you would like us to include the battery please contact us after your purchase of the EcoPlay and we will handle it for you.

The EcoPlay makes it easy for you with its Plug and Play Design! This system can be expanded upon to 110 watts of solar power!