Homewood Police Cruiser

Homewood Police shoot stray dog

Homewood Police CruiserAnd scold residents for watching them do it…

Today in Homewood a resident called about a stray dog that had ran after an older lady who was holding a child. Homewood Police’s animal control arrived and while assessing the situation, “got scared” and called for backup due to a dangerous dog. The Homewood police respond with three units. One of these units pulls up and gets out, dog runs out playfully and the Homewood cop shot it. The onlookers that included women and children were horrified as one would imagine. As mothers are tending to the crying children the Homewood cop then tosses the now dead dog onto the hood and proceeds to drive away.

These people are sworn to protect and serve. They are paid from tax dollars of the successful people that live within the boundaries of their city and yet when confronted about their handling of the whole situation they blamed the residents for watching. I can not say I am surprised by the Homewood police and their actions, they seem to have a different level of understanding to what “to serve and protect” really means.