MSG-1000 1000Watt Solar Generator

Traditional gas and propane generators (both portable and installed automatic standby varieties) have several disadvantages, including space constraints, local regulations and permitting, costly installations, regular maintenance, noise, dangerous and polluting fumes, and low-quality power which can damage sensitive electronics.

The MSG1000 1000Watt Solar Generator is a portable, indoor, gas free, silent, maintenance free, installation free generator suitable for residential purposes. This unit provides recycled, clean, safe, silent and pollution-free power when you need it.

When your power fails, the MSG1000 goes to work immediately providing 1,000Watts of silent, continuous emergency power. A true green source of power at a reasonable price. This is a great way to take small electrical systems such as your entertainment system, or computer system, or refrigerator off-grid and never have to worry about a power outage affecting them again!

Qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit. So, if you subtract 30% off this price, this would be your net cost after incentives! What a Great Deal!

Features & Benefits
Gas & Emissions-Free Indoor Generator
Completely Silent Operation
No Maintenance Required
No Moving Parts or Fires to Worry About
Does Not Emit Dangerous Fumes or CO2
Environmentally Safe
Approved by Condo & Home Associations
Reusable & Rechargeable Energy Source
Solar Panel Included for Extended Outages
Portable (On Wheels)
Assembled in North America

85 Watt Solar Panel
One 12V DC Fused Socket
Battery DC Voltage Guage
120 Amp-Hour Battery
1,440 Watt-hours of Batter Storage Capacity