New 500w Small Grid Tie Power Inverter Converter for Solar Panel System 10.8-30V DC to 90-130v,Ac Pure Sine Wave


The only plug and play small grid tie photovoltaic system;The stackable small grid tie photovoltaic system

Electrical Specifications:

Model: SUN-500G-LOW

Normal AC Output Power: 450W

Maximum AC Output Power: 500W

AC Output Voltage Range: 90V ~ 130V

AC Output Frequency Range: 46Hz ~ 65Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion(THD): <5%

Power Factor: 0.99

DC Input Voltage Range: 10.8V ~ 30V

Peak Inverter Efficiency: 92%

Standby Power consumption: <0.5W

Output Current Waveform: Pure Sine-wave

MPPT Function: Yes

Over Current Protection: Yes

Over Temperature Protection: Yes

Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes

Island Protection: Yes

Stackable: Yes

Package Includes?Power inverter and Power cord

Operating Temperature Range: -10 ~ 45 centigrade