Shell / Arco / Siemens Solar SM55 / SM50H Replacement Solar Panel 55W – 36 High Efficiency Polycrystalline Cells.

SOLAR-X high efficiency module size is easy to handle and specifically designed to replace Shell Solar’s popular SM55 & SM50H modules.The SOLAR-X module uses state of the art multicrystalline technology with a Silicon Nitride (SiN) coating that enhances cell efficiency. Encapsulation beneath high transmission tempered glass is accomplished using an advanced, UV resistant thermal setting plastic. The encapsulant, ethylene vinyl acetate, cushions the solar cells within the laminate and protect the cells from etching. The rear surface of the module is completely sealed from moisture and mechanical damage by a continuous high strength polymer sheet. The SOLAR-X module incorporates a reinforced anodised aluminium frame, designed to meet SOLAR-X High Quality Standards for corrosion resistance. APPLICATIONS INCLUDE: 12 Volt battery charging, Traffic signs & applications, Emergency communications, SCADA systems & monitoring, Small-scale irrigation pumping, Aviation obstruction lighting, Railway signal lighting, Street lighting.