TECSUN PL660 Portable Radio FM/LW/MW/SW/SSB/AIRBAND PLL World Band Synthesized Receiver, LCD Display, Dual Conversion

What is Airband ?
The airband or air band is the band of frequencies used for radio communication
in aviation. Airband is used to mean the VHF band between 118 MHz and 137 MHz,
which covers its use for commercial and general aviation, radionavigational
aids, air traffic control and other uses. In common use among aviation
professionals, the band of frequencies is sometimes referred to as VHF or
Victor. Using this PL-660, You may be probably receive the dialogue between the
pilot and airport base.You can also receive weather forecast nearby airport.

Frequency Range:
FM : 76 ~ 108MHz Japan 76 ~ 108MHz / Germany 87.5 ~ 108MHz
MW : 522 ~ 1620kHz (band step 1/9kHz for Asia / Africa / Europe) / 520 ~ 1710kHz
(band step 10kHz for Northern America)
LW : 100KHz to 519KHz (band step 1/9kHz)
SW : 1711KHz to 29999KHz.(band step 1/5kHz)
AIR : 118~137MHz (band step 1/25kHz)

Six tuning mode selectable:
Jog dial manual tuning
Auto scan tuning for FM, MW, LW & SW
Pre-setting manual scan tuning
Memory pre-setting auto scan tuning
Memory pre-setting address direct entry tuning
Frequency direct entry tuning.

Basic Features:

1:Multi-functions Digital Display for Frequency, Signal Strength, S/N ratio,
Clock & Alarm
2:Temperature(°C or °F)& Battery Consumption
3:Highly intelligent On / Off switch:allow to set the sleep timer from 1 – 120
minutes, or turn the power on / off directly
4:Alarm by radio, and with the automatically alarm stopper within 1 – 90 minutes
5:Light & Snooze function – 5 minutes, repeated three times
6:Digital clock function with 12/24 Hour Format
7:Volume Knob with maximum 30 sound levels
8:FM Mono & Stereo
9:Key lock functio
10:LCD Display Screen