Opinion: Gun control won’t stop killings

I decided to express my thoughts about gun control, with some facts that are not known by many due to the media and government distortions. When an area is designated as a gun free zone, you are telling the mentally challenged cases exactly where to go to create the most terror and not be in danger of being stopped by another before they have killed many innocents. Most of the mass shootings thus far have been in no gun zones, but this information is kept out of the news.

States that have open carry such as Montana have one of the lowest crime rates which includes all crimes, about 5 percent. Almost all vehicles have at least one gun and law enforcement can at any time motion a driver over to give him assistance and will, if needed, on the roadside. Their retail stores are the safest, because of armed law-abiding citizens. If a child is snatched, the Amber Alert goes out to all cell phones, and armed hunters block all exits on the highway to funnel the person with the child to one open ramp into the arms of waiting police.

States that have strict gun laws have the worst crime rate in the country, Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago, and others. The bad guys will always get any gun they desire regardless of gun laws that are passed, and the rest of us will pay the penalty of being defenseless, with the loss or our Constitutional right to bear arms.

Baseball bats, rubber bullets, tire irons kill more people than guns, but our illustrious leaders and media don’t want you to have this information. Things are so bad in Belgium, you will be arrested for protecting yourself with any item when attacked in you own home. This is total lunacy.

The moral fiber and ethics in this country are in shambles, and we have government control over parents’ ability to discipline their own children without the fear of someone reporting them to CPS. This is an example of another government agency out of control.

Prayer has been taken out of our schools, and the Ten Commandments taken from prominent places as teaching tools to help our children grow away from evil to be productive citizens. Attitudes today are killing our most innocent and adding to the destruction of this country.

Sharon Loucks

Parkersburg, West Virginia