School Gun Safety

School gun safetyAll of the craziness in this world and so many good people that had their life’s cut short for no good reason.  My heart is with the everyone touched by this horrible event. Tragedies like today’s remind me that schools are “weapon” free zones and thus, no law abiding citizen could help “legally” have had a weapon to defend these children and getting one from their car would have made them a criminal as well.  This means that we are at the mercy of someone calling and then the police response times. School gun safety is an important piece of our children’s education but must be approached with the right message.  Attacking the second amendment on something like this should remind us that criminals look for easy targets and the sign we hang in front of our child’s school must represent what built this great nation.
School Gun Safety is not an easy topic to address at all but I would love your two cents on the school gun safety picture seen here….