StrongVolt Solar Charger- 18Watt Portable Folding Solar Kit – Charges iPads, iPhones, Tablets, Phones or Anything with a USB Connection – Includes High Capacity Li-Polymer Power Bank – Features DUAL CHARGING – Charge 2 devices at the Same Time

Stay Charged Up And Connected With The Power Of The Sun!

StrongVolt Solar’s 18W Portable Folding Solar Kit Charges Your Devices Away From Home
– use during camping and boating trips
– at the beach or park
– on the road in your car or RV
– at your hotel  
Charges Cellphones Tablets and ANY Device With a USB Cable.

Helps In Emergencies
Use the included Lithium-Polymer power bank to power lights, tablets or cellphone when needed.
Recommended For Safety And Disaster Relief Kits.

Features Maximum Power Point Tracking
– The newest and most efficient technology available for tracking solar power.
– MPPT constantly recalculates and adjusts with the day’s sunlight to maximize charging power.
– Features a best-in-class 18W foldable solar panel.

Included Accessories:

-Rechargeable 5,400mAh Lithium-Polymer power bank
-AC adapter
-Direct USB Charger
-USB Cable

Full One-Year Warranty
Full one-year warranty covers all parts and accessories, including the Lithium-Polymer power bank.

Available in 42, 24 and 18 Watt models.

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