To defend or not to defend, Is that the question?

When is it time for the people of the United States to defend themselves? The 2nd amendment affords you the ability to protect yourself from criminals and thugs that would otherwise waste no pity on your suffering as they kill you, rob you, or maybe rape your daughter. Watch video one for this approach…

But is that all the people of the United States have to fear or the only reason for the 2nd amendment? This next video is a much watch as government corruption took over in small town and the citizens of the town saved the day.

But what if the people that you could have saved by having a gun were your parents? Don’t forget to watch this video on the 2nd amendment.

Do we lock all the guns up in jail so that no one can use a gun? Are knifes next? Then “sharp objects”? There will always be the motivated predator waiting for there next victim. How is taking away forms of protection that the law abiding citizens have going to make the “motivated predator” not kill?

Whatever your reason for liking or not liking guns… I don’t care…  We need to stop the killing using any weapon… guns are just a tool, like a hammer.

In 2011, 496 people were murdered with a hammer or a blunt object compare to just 323 murders that were committed with a rifle. Blunt objects also beat out the number of murders committed with a shotgun (356).

Personal weapons (hands, feet) and knives were also considered more dangerous than rifles and shotguns.

Death by what? 2011 crime statistics

The problem is a societal issue that no law will protect you from.  We are in this together and need to stand together to discuss the real issues.  Anything can be used to kill you and we can not make everything illegal.

I am off to sue the soda company for making me fat if we really think more laws should or would make us better people…