Indoor Hydroponic Kale

Hydroponic Kale

Indoor hydroponics is not as easy undertaking and is not for the faint of heart.  It takes time and you will fail at some point and lose something that you spent a lot of time helping through life.  I recently moved back to Colorado and in doing so, am back in an environment that freezes and has snow during the winter months. No surprise to this awesome fact. I do love to snowboard, ski and enjoy making a snow-men and snow-women with my kids.  We have established that it gets cold here so that brings us to the indoor hydroponic garden and my baby kale that I started using heirloom seeds in rockwool grow cubes.  They are doing awesome and I moved them into bubble buckets and have them growing in the basement.  They are growing faster each day as their leaf surface area increases and the roots drive further into the buckets.  The kale I am growing will be used for juicing and cooking.  I am 100% organic in the nutrients and I use reverse-osmosis water for all the water used in the garden.  I am happy to share that the garden is doing well.  I hope you enjoy the pictures below.

Cute Hydroponic Kale


Hydroponic kale grown in a bubble bucket


Up Close hydroponic kale picture


Indoor Hydroponic Kale - My hydroponic garden


More to come on these hydroponic kale plants. If you have grown or are growing hydroponic kale, send me your tricks or secrets for super awesome kale!
Thank you!