Change you mind, Change your life

Change your life todayChange your life today… What was your first thought this morning? was it “I am amazing”, “I am special”, “I am successful”, or “I am going to change the world”? Probably not because you are here, reading this, but why not? You are all those things and the only thing holding you back is YOU. You focus on what you don’t want. You think about how things are not how you want them or going against you. Flip the coin, change that mindset and focus on what IS right and all that is amazing about you! Look in the mirror and see what you will become and not what you are today. Sounds easier than it really is because it is so easy to focus on the negative and the excuses we use to justify not being everything we know we are and can do. Lets change today…
Three steps:
1. Everyday when you wake up take time to be grateful for at least three things in your life. Be very grateful and smile inside and out about them!
2. Eat right, consciously think about the food you put in your body! Take time to internally feel what your craving and teach yourself to understand if it is a nervous or stress craving or if it is your body telling you what you need! Your body will tell you when and what you need and you will feel more satisfied and satiated when your eating those things.
3. Take time everyday to work on that person you see successful in the mirror. Follow your dreams, achieve your goals, stop making the excuses for why you don’t have time to spend on them today, you do have time, even if it is only five minutes. Take the time!
Change will not happen overnight but you will instantly start feeling like you on the right path and if you don’t, recheck your goals and what your being thankful for… Are you thankful in your heart or just going through the motions. Be the change you want to see in this world!