What’s up with the hydroponic gardening, solar, ham radio and two way communications stuff?

Indoor Hydroponic KaleIndoor hydroponic gardening, solar power and wind power are a hobby of mine.  I enjoy reading and learning more and more about them. solar and wind power are both still expensive hobbies but the reward is enormous both for the environment as well as your piece of mind.  Indoor hydroponic gardening allows me to eat incredible and healthy organic food all year round.  I love to juice kale, spinach, carrots and other things that are fairly easy to grow all year in a small space. This site is really just a place for me to keep notes and help other people to find the information that I was looking for but all at one place.  I have also tried to list some of the products that I find most interesting or impressive. Grid tie systems have also come down on price and I am trying to learn more about them.

I am also a licensed amateur radio operator (ham) and really enjoy radio communications.  Commercially I have deployed a variety of technologies that provided long distance network,voice, data etc. .  I enjoyed a lot of work on Motorola two way gear and enjoy the technology that they utilize.  I have deployed emergency satellite uplinks/downlinks in hurricane stricken parts of the world to help with the rebuilding.  I created this site to give me a place to take notes and document various technologies and how they are used…

There is no telling what you might find here on any given day… I hope you enjoy the randomness of the information 🙂

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