Ham Radio


Icom IC-9100 Features that make most hams smile with delight. I will be adding one to my shack if possible! (they are not for sale yet, FCC thing). This really is an impressive and feature rich radio.  I can not wait to see one in action! Multiple-band, multiple-mode HF to 1200MHz Mutli-band in one transceiver …

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Solar Power for Amateur Radio

Solar Power for Amateur Radio Powering radio communications equipment using solar energy. 1. Are there any special considerations when using amateur radio gear on solar power? Yes, there are some issues. Many solar charger controllers actually will generate RF noise when charging. This is most common with pulse width modulated (microprocessor controlled) charge controllers. Sometimes …

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I use this radio on a daily basis… It really puts out the watts when your in a hole… Hit high power and hole no more!  It is a strong addition to my mobile arsenal for keeping in touch! Check out some of the key features that sold me on the Icom ic-V8000. 75W of …

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